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Bureau Capture

CBC offers a full bureau capture service. The service includes from the capture of applications, to debit bank runs being performed on behalf of the client.

Whether the client uses the bureau or runs in-house, the software is customised to their requirements.

We are able to advise on structuring the network and designing application forms.


The software is either run as a bureau processing service or in-house on the client's machine.

It is developed in Visual Basic and run on Windows for Workgroups and Windows 95

There are many built in features for ease of capture and data uniformity. For example the postal codes are picked up and inserted automatically, as well as the telephone dial code based on the postal code from the address. The bank branch code and bank account number are verified at the time of capture, thereby eliminating incorrect account numbers.

Daily validation is run to ensure data integrity. Weekly verification procedures may be run to highlight any structural anomalies, and monthly procedures perform such tasks as automatic debiting, roll-ups, member class changes, etc.