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HedgehogsBeta Systems cc has been in existence since 1985, involved primarily in Software Development. Our main focus has always been to provide quality software at an affordable price.

HedgehogsMany of our software products are specifically customised to South African conditions.

HedgehogsFor instance, all systems requiring address or telephone number entry automatically have all S.A. postal codes and dial codes included, and these are looked up automatically.

HedgehogsWhere bank details are required, our programs automatically contain all S.A. bank branches. By entering the branch code (or bank / branch name), all other details are automatically displayed. Account numbers are also checked off-line, reducing the chance of incorrect data entry, and thereby reducing bank charges.

HedgehogsIn conjunction with our sister company CBC Bureau Services, we can also cater to all your out-sourcing or co-sourcing requirements.

HedgehogsOur expertise ranges from DOS based systems (including ASSEMBLER, BASIC, and PASCAL coding), through to Windows 16 or 32-bit (VISUAL BASIC coding).

HedgehogsSystems we have developed cover the broad spectrum of business spheres, from Accounting Systems to Transport Management Systems to Process Control / Manufacturing.

HedgehogsWe have also branched out into Web Page authoring and hosting.

HedgehogsWhether you require your Web Page designed, and hosted on your own server, or require us to host the site for you, we can provide a solution.

HedgehogsOne specific area of our expertise is the publishing of Web Pages from your existing data-bases.

HedgehogsIf you require quality software quickly, or your Web Page designed and / or hosted, call us today. See the Contact Information page for details.