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Web Development

HedgehogsWhether you require a once-off design of your Web Page, and want to maintain it yourself thereafter, or want us to design, maintain, and host your Web Pages for you, we can provide a solution.

HedgehogsFrom scanning and manipulating your logos and pictures, to presenting the information in a clean and readable form, we cover all bases.

HedgehogsWe ALWAYS bear in mind the fact that many Web users have limited speed connections, and keep the downloading and viewing of your site within reasonable size limits.

HedgehogsOne area of speciality we have is the publishing of information out of your existing data-bases into a Web readable format. In many cases, you don't want information from your "live" data-base to be available to Web Surfers immediately. We will combine our Web Publishing System with your data-base, and then allow you to update the Web Pages either automatically (using scripts), or manually when you decide.

HedgehogsShould you not have your own server connected to the Internet, or specifically want your Web Pages off your server (for security reasons for instance), we can host your Web Site on our domain.

HedgehogsSome of the Web Sites we have designed:

AcerAfricaThe majority of the information for this site is maintained in a database program, and published to the Web Pages on a regular basis.
In addition, we have also developed a price list program, allowing Acer Africa dealers to view the price lists off-line.
CBC Bureau ServicesCBC is the bureau side of our operation. Check out how we can simplify your data capture / maintenance operations.
Western ShoppeWestern Shoppe sells all manner of Horse Related products.