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HedgehogsAlthough this version of CashBook is designed to run under DOS, we do also have a Windows version (with an upgrade and data conversion option for existing users) available. Check out the Signet Accounting web site for details about this version.

HedgehogsCashBook is a stand-alone or integrated program designed to record, report, and graphically present data on your bank account transactions.

HedgehogsMultiple Bank Accounts can be maintained (limited only by your available disk space).

HedgehogsIn order to facilitate detailed analysis of your transactions, CashBook allows you to allocate each transaction to an Analysis Code.

HedgehogsThe analysis code is 10 characters long, allowing extreme flexibility in analysing where you are earning and spending your money.

HedgehogsA full reconciliation feature is incorporated to allow accurate comparison to your bank statement.

HedgehogsDebit orders can be entered into CashBook, and are thereafter posted automatically each month.

HedgehogsTransaction Details Stored
  • Type (Cheque / Deposit / Adjustment / Sundry Payment / Sundry Receipt / Debit Order).
  • Date of transaction.
  • Reference Number. (e.g. Cheque No).
  • Description.
  • Amount.
  • Cleared from Bank (Yes/No).
  • Clearance Date.

HedgehogsReconciliation is done on screen, directly from the bank statement. This same screen also allows you to calculate the balance after ANY transaction.

HedgehogsIn addition, the transactions can be viewed on screen in any of the following sequences:
  • Clearance Date (for reconciliation)
  • Reference Number (for finding particular transactions by reference number)
  • Description (for finding all transaction pertaining to a particular concept e.g. Telkom)
  • Transaction Date (to see transactions in chronological order)


HedgehogsEach transaction can optionally be allocated to an analysis code.

HedgehogsCashBook allows you to perform split postings (i.e. the amount of the transaction could be split to several analysis codes).

HedgehogsUp to 200 separate analysis codes can be entered per transaction.

HedgehogsThe ten character analysis code comprises:
  • 2 characters for the bank / company
  • 2 characters for the branch / division
  • 4 characters for the account
  • 2 characters for the sub-account.


HedgehogsCashBook features the following reports:

HedgehogsSummary Report

Provides a summary of the current Account status.

HedgehogsPosition Report

Prints the account cash position.

HedgehogsReconciliation Report

After entry of the bank statement balance, prints a report detailing the current CashBook balance, uncleared debits and credits, and the variance from the actual bank balance.

HedgehogsTransaction Report

All, Cleared, or Uncleared transactions can be printed, with either the transactions only, or including the analysis thereof.

HedgehogsDetailed Allocation Report

Lists (in analysis code order) transactions over a given period.

HedgehogsAllocation Summary Report

Gives a summary report of transactions, totalled by analysis code.

HedgehogsAccount Listing Report

Lists all of your bank accounts.

HedgehogsAnalysis Code Listing Report

Prints all analysis codes, with total figures over the past twelve months. After twelve months, the first amount is dropped, and a new month added at the end of the list.

HedgehogsDebit Order Listing Report

All current debit orders are printed on this report.

HedgehogsMissing Transaction Numbers Report

Lists all missing and duplicated transaction numbers (for instance cheque numbers).

HedgehogsCashBook allows all of the above reports to be directed to the Screen, Printer, or a Disk file.

HedgehogsAlso, each report can be requested over a specific period only (using a start and end date).


HedgehogsSeveral options are available for CashBook:

HedgehogsCharter Integration Option

Integrates CashBook data directly into the Charter General Ledger.
CashBook may be integrated to any other Accounting system, provided that system has an import facility.

HedgehogsCheque Printing Option

Allows CashBook to print cheques.
The actual layout of the cheque is user definable.

HedgehogsGraphics Option

Presents data graphically.
Types include Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart

Special Features


An integrated calculator is available at all times.
Besides being able to perform quick calculations, this calculator also allows you to transfer a number from the screen into the calculator, manipulate it, and transfer the result back to screen.

HedgehogsKeyboard Macros

Keyboard macros allow you to automate many repetitive tasks (e.g. all monthly reports could be placed onto a single key).

Fact Sheet

Initial ReleaseSeptember 1989
Operating SystemDOS
RequirementsPC Running DOS
640K Base Memory
Graphics Adapter (for Graphics Option)
Current Version1.50