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Point of Sale System

Point of Sale System
HedgehogsAlthough this version of POS is designed to run under 16-bit Windows, we do also have a 32-bit Windows version available. Check out the Signet Accounting web site for details.

HedgehogsPOS provides you with a complete Point of Sale control system.

HedgehogsThe Inventory Control section of the program allows for the grouping of products into product groups, entry of a location for each product, and re-order levels.

HedgehogsYou can keep track of your suppliers, complete with name, address, and telephone numbers.

HedgehogsReceiving products into stock or making adjustments is easy.

HedgehogsFull support is provided throughout the system for bar coding.

HedgehogsWhether you're receipting products into stock, or issuing them on the invoice screen, simply scan the bar-code.

HedgehogsThe invoice entry screen has been kept extremely simple, to facilitate fast and accurate invoice capturing.

HedgehogsIf you have an electronic till, POS can open it for you either automatically, or after operator instruction.

HedgehogsWhen you are entering invoices, you may optionally track the invoices against customers.

HedgehogsReports produced include:
  • Current Stock Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Stock Taking Report
  • Sales Analysis Report, including payment method (Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / etc).
  • VAT Report
  • Re-Order Recommendations Report
  • Product Listing Report

Fact Sheet

Initial ReleaseSeptember 1995
Operating SystemWindows 3 or Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
RequirementsPC Running Windows
80486 DX2/66 or higher processor
Current Version970325