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HedgehogsTLINK works in conjunction with the Tacholog OBC (On Board Computer).

HedgehogsThe OBC acts as an electronic version of a Tachograph, and records everything that happens with the vehicle.

HedgehogsUnlike a Tachograph, the information recorded by the OBC is already in electronic form, and can be transferred to a PC quickly and accurately.

HedgehogsYou set the parameters at which various alarms and warnings occur, for instance:
  • Set the Green Band Low and High settings.
  • Set various speed limits (with or without audible driver warnings).
  • Set the Harsh Braking parameter in km/h/sec.
  • Set the time allowed before a stop is recorded.
  • Set Speed and RPM band information.

HedgehogsAdditional external inputs can also be monitored, for example a Trailer Identification.

HedgehogsEach driver is issued with a Driver Key, which allows the driver to be identified by the system irrespective of which vehicle he drives.

HedgehogsAdditional Driver details can also be recorded:
  • Department.
  • Employee Number.
  • Qualifications.
  • License Renewal Date.

HedgehogsTLINK will by default keep all information for a period of 45 days, but you can change this to any number of days. The only limitation is the amount of hard disk space you have available.

HedgehogsAutomatic exception reports can be set up to print each time you process new information from the vehicles.

HedgehogsA full report writer (using a Pascal Style language) is included in TLINK, allowing you to define a wide range of reports.

HedgehogsThe Report Writer compiles your reports to an executable file, so reporting is Fast.

HedgehogsA full compliment of standard reports is already included in TLINK, including:
  • Control Report giving key management information.
  • Daily Summary Report.
  • Driver Rating Report.
  • Fuel Analysis Report.
  • Harsh Braking Report.
  • Last 5 Minute (before an Accident) Report.
  • Trip Report.

HedgehogsAll information can also be presented graphically.

HedgehogsSeveral standard graphs are included in TLINK:
  • Daily Overview Graph.
  • Fuel Consumption Graph.
  • Harsh Braking Graph.
  • Movement Graph.

HedgehogsAn additional facility allows you to store descriptions against event codes.

HedgehogsUsing this facility, the driver can enter a customer number, for instance, and the actual customer name is printed on the reports.

HedgehogsAn optional export facility allows all data recorded by TLINK to be exported to our longer term management programs TruckMaster and VRC, or, using ASCII files, to any other PC package.

Fact Sheet

Initial ReleaseAugust 1989
Operating SystemDOS
RequirementsPC Running DOS
640K Base Memory
Graphics Adapter and Screen
Current VersionTLINK5 Ver 2.04