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HedgehogsTruckMaster is a complete transport management system, catering for all three areas of Transport Management viz. Financial, Technical, and Operational.

HedgehogsOn the Financial side, TruckMaster tracks Fixed, Semi-Fixed, and Variable costs.

HedgehogsOn the Technical side, a complete data-base is kept for each Vehicle, which is 8 computer pages long, and contains all vehicle details from Make, Model, Acquisition data, Loading capacities, Engine Gearbox and Axle details, etc.

HedgehogsPlanned Maintenance is also catered for. TruckMaster can handle up to ten types of planned maintenance (A service, B service .. J service). Each service can be based on Kilometres travelled, Litres of Fuel consumed, Operating Hours, or Days.

HedgehogsA detailed depreciation sub-system allows TruckMaster to track both Book and Current Market Value.

HedgehogsOn the Operational side, TruckMaster tracks Trip sheets (from which it can report on km (or miles), unladen km, Driver hours, Operating Hours, Loading, Unloading and Standing times, Load details, etc.)

HedgehogsThe second operational item which TruckMaster tracks is operational costs (i.e. Repairs, Maintenance, Lube, Tyres, COF, Accidents, etc.)

HedgehogsThirdly TruckMaster tracks Fuel records. These can come from Bowser records (if you have your own bowsers), Log Books, or Trip sheets.

HedgehogsAll data is tracked against Vehicles, Trailers, and Drivers.

HedgehogsA full report writer is included in TruckMaster, giving you complete control of what is printed, over which period, which vehicles should be included, and to which management level the report is aimed.

HedgehogsOne of the basic design concepts inherent in TruckMaster is that no reports are produced without your asking for them. This puts an end to the reams of reports produced each month, which nobody ever examines in detail. TruckMaster facilitates management by exception!


HedgehogsSeveral additional optional modules are available as follows:


This option allows data to be displayed graphically instead of just as rows of numbers.

HedgehogsCustomer Tracking

This option allows you to track deliveries made to customers. Monthly reports are then available allowing reporting of which vehicles delivered to a particular customer, or which customers a particular vehicle delivered to.

HedgehogsLocal Area Network

Allows TruckMaster to be used in a Local Area Network. Full file and record locking is then incorporated into TruckMaster.

HedgehogsTacholog OBC

Allows TruckMaster to import information from on-board computers (black boxes). Should you require any further details in this regard, please contact Beta Systems.

HedgehogsInput / Output

Several options are provided to enable TruckMaster users to import and / or export information to other PC based computer programs. This would include any system, as long as these programs can import / export standard ASCII files, or the file layouts for these systems are available.

Fact Sheet

Initial ReleaseAugust 1983
Operating SystemDOS
RequirementsPC Running DOS
640K Base Memory
Graphics Adapter (for Graphics Option)
Current Version3.00