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Vehicle Recording & Costing (VRC)

Vehicle Recording & Costingm
HedgehogsAlthough this version of VRC is designed to run under DOS, we do also have a Windows version (with an upgrade and data conversion option for existing users) available. Check out the Signet Accounting web site for details about this version.

HedgehogsVRC is a simple and easy to use PC based Vehicle Recording & Costing package.

HedgehogsIt has been designed to make it easy for you to maintain a data base of Vehicles, enter fixed and variable costs for these vehicles, and using this information, produce a variety of useful reports.

HedgehogsThe long term goal is to track vehicle costs, identify maverick vehicles, and improve the productivity and performance of your fleet of vehicles.

HedgehogsRaw Data Requirements

The following data is input into VRC:
  • Repair Costs
  • Services
  • Tyre Costs
  • Staff Costs
  • Fuel Costs & Litres
  • Revenue



Fleet Number, Registration No, Make & Model, km, Litres of Fuel, Litres / 100km.

HedgehogsRunning Costs

Depreciation, Insurance, License, Overheads, Repair Costs, Service Costs, Tyre Costs, Labour Costs, Fuel Costs, Staff Costs, Total Costs, Cents / km.

HedgehogsVehicle History

Date, Odo, Type, Details, Parts Cost, Labour Cost, Reference Number.

HedgehogsFuel History

Date, Odo, Details, Litres, Cost, km, Litres / 100km, Reference Number.

HedgehogsService Schedule

Fleet No, Odo, km to next service (C,B,&A), Odometer at next Service (C,B,&A).

HedgehogsIncome Analysis

Fleet No, Fixed Costs, Variable Costs, Fuel, Total, Revenue, Contribution, Cents / km.

HedgehogsAll of these reports can be produced for Month to Date, Year to Date, or Life to Date, and can be viewed on screen, sent to the printer, or sent to a disk file.

Fact Sheet

Initial ReleaseJune 1990
Operating SystemDOS
RequirementsPC Running DOS
640K Base Memory
Current Version1.06